3 Ways to Look and Remain Younger Men

The harsh reality, We all are aging as Day Passes and slowly getting older. The worst part is, It can’t be stopped, but it can definitely be slowed down.

So, we have brought 3 Ways to look younger men in longevity.

Things that I am about to show you are not new But are very EFFECTIVE.

Those tips are Nutrition, Skincare, Grooming. Simple isn’t it, ok, we’ll get into little more detail further in this article. So stayed tuned.

3 Ways to Look and Remain Younger Men

#1 Nutrition

Specifically, there have been many studies showing tremendous evidence depicting the relation between Nutrition and Skin. We know that nutrition is important, right. So let’s look at…some important nutrients.

Foods that contain micros like Vitamins A, C, K, B & Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants are very good for the skin. These food are also good other functions of the body such as for heart, liver, etc.

So when you’ll start consuming these types of foods you will feel the difference. Now, what thing to eat.

What to Eat for a Healthy life and glowing skin?

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  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potato
  • Yellow pepper
  • Oatmeal
  • Green tea

Moreover, protein is another friend during aging because protein is a major component of a healthy body and essential for building and retaining muscles.

So increase your protein intake to (.75 * your body weight in Kg).

Thing You Should Consume less

  • Sugar: Basically, sugar interreacts with collagen and cease collagen from performing its functions properly, hence causing aging.
  • Smoking and Drinking: they directly affect the liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs. As a consequence, it made our skin look dull, loosey, and leads to many other skin problems. So quit smoking and drinking.

#2 Skincare Routine

Use Exfoliator:

It is a good way to remove the dead cell from the skin resulting in glowing skin. Exfoliate at least twice a week. It is advised to use a mild exfoliator instead of a strong exfoliator.

To use an exfoliator, take a little bit on palm, apply it on wet skin and massage for 3-4 minutes gently.

Apply Sunscreen:

Use sunscreen regularly before going out in the sun. Moreover, harmful rays from the sun can even cause skin cancer, so it is very important to wear sunscreen. You can check out Lakme Sun expert.

Use Moisturizer:

It is one of the most vital skincare elements for perfect skin. After the few application of good moisturizer, fine lines can be less apparent. So moisturize every day, before going to bed.

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Address Dark Circles:

This is a common problem while aging because our skin loses its elasticity. So we should follow a solid skincare regimen to make sure that it won’t happen.

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#3 Grooming

Take care of your hair:

Your hair can be game-changing when it comes to looking young. Moreover, start to try hairstyles according to your face type. For that, we must watch the video.

Loose extra hairs

No-No, I am not talking about facial hair, It’s body hair.

Look, guys, body hairs aren’t giving you anything but take a lot from you, your handsomeness, yeah, you read it right.

So lose it, especially that are most prominent like on forearms, trim your eyebrows.

Dress Properly and According to Situation

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I am sure you must have heard this advice many times in your life. The advice is, to dress according to the situation.

Wear cloth for your age is no longer hold. But let me ask you this, How would you look when you will dress like a rapper?

Most will say, not good if you are not a rapper. But what if I ask the same question to a rapper, What will he say?

He will say, I am looking great or maybe punch you in the face for asking such a question.

Jokes apart guys, here point is that you have to evolve what is the situation you are in, and what is the context of the situation.

Then select your outfit. And be comfortable in your skin. You don’t have to do anything different to look good and young.

Stick with basics of Dressing and wear accordingly. That’s all you need to do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t try out other stuff. Try different stuff and choose what suits you most, keeping in mind the contest of the situation.

Bonus Tips

Physically activity:

It has a lot of other benefits, one of them is it slows down the aging process. So do some exercise daily.

That’s all about How to look younger men for a longer period.

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