Best Summer Skincare Routine for Indian Guys | By An Indian Guy

Hey guys! This is one of my personal favorite topics, Summer Skincare for Indian Men.

So, what about summers, skincare routine? what you have in mind, as you may be asking.

A lot on the line here, guys. Because, India’s summers are very hot, and heatwaves, damaging skin and causing skin problems, is very usual.

Believe me guys, I have been a victim of summers.

So, I am going to make a step-by-step guide, so that, it’s easier to stick and add into your skincare routines.

Having some essential and mandatory steps and some optional ones, to keep budget under your monthly expense.

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Before anything else, drinking atleast 2-3 littles of water is absolute necessity.

1. Cleanse Your Face Everyday

It’s an obvious choice, whether it’s summers or winters. But in summers, it tends to become more important. You need to break the evil cycle, that begins with dirt, grime, blocking your pores and resulting in skin problems.

Furthermore, sweating also involves bacterial involvement.

best skincare routine for men

So a facewash is must have thing for summers especially, for typical Indian men because our sweating glands are more active.

Generally, washing your face twice a day is recommended, once in the morning, and once before you go to bed. Also, washing your face on a regular basis, also, helps to remove dead skin cells, to some extent.

Using, form-base facewash, is usually good practice for most Indian men.

So far so good, let’s jump to second essential step for summer skincare for Indian men.

2. Exfoliate Weekly

For those who are encountering this term first time, “Exfoliate is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin“.

You may be asking yourself, why exfoliate when already cleansing twice a day?

This could be very helpful for those whose dull skin. Plus, exfoliation can also be beneficial for those with hyper-pigmentation. Resulting in brighter and glowing skin.

Exfoliating, greatly enhance the absorbation for topical skin products, such as moisturizers, serums, toners, etc. And enhances the better blood circulation.

You can use non-abrasive scrub with micro breads, once/twice a week.

3. Moistures Your Skin

Now, Summers, means Hot, means Dryness, means Dehydration, lead to Skin Dry, lead to skin breakouts, solution Moistures.

I know, it’s a little silly explanation and a little far-fetched, but this is the truth guys. In addition, moisturizers help lock the moisture in the skin, preventing cracks, dry and dull skin.

So, moisturizer is an everyday necessity. For dry and normal skin, oil-based moisturizers work well, and for my brother who has oily skin, you can use water-based moisturizers.

4. Apply Sunblock: Protect

It’s something without which, summer skincare for men, won’t be effect, not matter what else you do.

Sadly, very little preference is given to sunblock, in India. We tend to think that, it’s only heat that messes up with our skin. It’s not.

It’s UV rays, present in sunlight.

use sunscreen men, summer skincare for men

We can do nothing about the sun, but certainly add a Sunblock in your skincare routine to save your skin from dark spots, pigmentation, and many other skin-related problems, even some serious ones like skin cancer, Though, skin cancers are rare in Indian.

So apply Sunblock having an SFP of 30 or more. Ideally, you should apply sunblock 15 minutes before heading out, for better absorption.

5. Replenish Your Skin with Facemask

Before you skip to next heading, let me just lay out the benefits of using mask.

  • Redefine the large pores.
  • Improve skin texture.
  • Absorb excess oil and dirt.
  • Open up the clogged pores.
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • Brighten dark spots.

If you ask me, whether to try or not? I would say it’s optional. But, the skin benefits it provide is just wonderful and worth a try.

There are different types of masks available in the Indian market, such as anti-aging, skin-brightening, anti-acne, hydrating, etc. I think these names are self-explanatory.

You also try out, de tan facemask.

Personally I use, activated charcoal peel-off face mask, and I love it.

Masking once a week it, is a good practice.

Guys, I couldn’t find an Affiliate Link for VLCC 7X Ultra Whitening and Brightening Charcoal Peel Off Mask, 100g. So you have to directly search it on amazon if you want to purchase it.

Charcoal peel of Facemask, men summer skin care

6. Under-Eye Cream

The skin around our eye is the most delicate skin, which easily gets dehydrated and damaged. Resulting in the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Speaking from personal experience. When dark circles start appearing or already happened, they are very hard to get rid of.

So prevention is the best possible, solution. And, I also know very few people really get here, when it comes to skincare routines.

Although, under eye creams are little expensive, but totally worth it. Gels are also good budget-friendly alternative.

And if you are using eye creams or gel, please refer to the description of the product, as it contains different concentrations and ingredients, which affects the application.

Generally, undereye creams are used before going to bed. And Gels are used 2-3 times a day.

Quick Tips For Summer Skincare

Guys, sometimes situations comes when we don’t have access to water to wash face. Use Face wipes.

  1. After cleansing your face, wash face with cold water, to close the open pores. That’ll help your skin look smooth.
  2. Face wipes are very handy and easily available at under 100 rupees.
  3. Always, read directions on the product package for more details.

There you have it all about Summer Skincare for Indian Men.

Bottom Line

  1. Washing the face twice a day, once in the morning, once before going to bed.
  2. Apply Moisturizer at night.
  3. Scrub once or maybe twice a week.
  4. Use facemask on Sundays because they tend to take some time.
  5. Use Sunscreen every time you go out in sun.

If you are using peel off mask or mask that has exfoliating properties, then you can easily skip scrub.

Hope you liked it, if you do, Do me a favor, apne bhai logo k sath sare ker do.

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