How to Talk to Anyone: A Step-By-Step Guide

Hello guys, we know how important, it is to talk to a stranger and how awkward it could get, right?

And if you have ever struggled in making any conversation then this blog is for you, and if you haven’t then, you can learn how to excel this skill.

So, let’s learn the skill of how to talk to anyone through this step by step guide.

How to Talk to Anyone: A Step-By-Step Guide

Guys practice these steps on a daily basis and you will be amazed to see your result.

Moreover, if we master this skill it will bring a lot of opportunities in your life, from getting a job to meeting your life partner. Okay, let’s jump in.

Step 1: Clear Intention About Conversation

This is the reason for awkward silence in the conversation.

We don’t focus on what is our intention for certain events and then the thing starts falling apart, awkward silence came in and that is it, you are done.

So it’s really important to have your intention cleared in your head before even starting a conversation.

Example: A new guy came to class and you want to talk to him, then your intention could be to know about him more or have fun.

So it is really guides where the conversation is heading. Which is pretty powerful, right? Think about the situation and your intention before making a conversation.

Step 2: Watch Your Body Language

More than 80% of the conversation is non-verbal. The way you carry yourself, the way you walk all this matter. When it comes to meeting someone the first time or again.

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Keep in mind following things

  • Relax shoulder, chest, and spine straight no slouch, in general, go for open body, rather than hiding it.
  • Show your hand often it helps to build confidence.
  • Make eye contact while listening and speaking.
  • Don’t fake your smile.
  • Don’t angle your body or fidget while talking to them.
  • Be more confident while approaching and speaking.

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The same principle also applies to other people whom you are approaching them.

  • Check their body language whether they are more open to talking or close to avoid you. For simplicity, check where their feet are pointing.
  • If they are pointing exactly toward the person they are talking about, then this situation is more, close and you should not interpret or may wait.
  • On the other hand, if their feet are pointing a little bit away from the person, then the situation is open, and you are ready to go.

Step 3: Focus on Starters

Starters are the first thing you say to a person.

The way you talk to somebody first time really sets an image of yourself in the person’s mind. So how to start a conversation confidently.

The very basic yet very effective starter is, How are you? The simple the starter is, the easier it becomes for other people to relate to it.

Here are some starters.

  • Tell me about you?
  • Working on anything exciting lately?
  • What’s your story?
  • What are your favorite restaurants around here?

The starter part is about a basic introduction, another person will also ask you such a question so make little mental note of the answers. While answering try to match there frequency and energy.

For example– If you ask a question, How was your weekend, he may answer, It was good, I went to a friend’s party. Then he may ask you the same, and you say, I went mountain climbing. Their nothing wrong with it but it just doesn’t match the energy of the event.

And other people may perceive it as bragging. So say something that matches their energy, like in the above case you could say, I went to a restaurant with your family if you have gone. But don’t lie.

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Okay, the starter was very good, you get to know each other very well, now how to keep it going. Here comes the fourth step.

Step 4: Learn to Listen More

Let’s start with a fact. The fact is, these days most of the people don’t listen they hear and only waits for their turn to speak. Which is a totally bizarre thing anyone can do to spoil a conversation.

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You must be thinking what’s the difference between hearing and listening. So, let’s break it down real quick.

Hearing is simple to understand, it means your ears are getting the sound but your brain doesn’t. Whereas listening involves hearing that goes into the mind, it means you analyze what other person is saying.

Remember guys, everyone, like to get heard and get attention in one way or another. So listening is a good way to do so.

Moreover, it will help you understand the talk and prevent you to be the Big Mouth.

Listening also important but the fifth step is also equally important.

Step 5: Tell about Yourself More

You don’t like to get interrogated, right. The same is true for other people too.

People will start seeking a way out if you kept asking them, question and tell them less about yourself.

It is best to put your point after they have finished talking, do not interrupt. And say something that is relating to the thing he/she has just said.

For Example- He explains to you about his party last week, then you should also talk about your recent party experience or something similar, keeping in mind you match their energy.

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Step 6: Don’t Be Judgemental

The first point, no one likes to feel that they are wrong. The movement you put them in that moment in front of people, It will make them unhappy.

So don’t point out their mistake at least not at that moment.

The second point, don’t make assumptions about them.

Often people judge other people on the basis of their answers, and they don’t realize that it might be possible.

That the answers may not be able to converse the whole story behind it.

Now you must be thinking it means they were lying. Abousulutly not because people don’t feel free to open up about the things they don’t want to talk about.

It is up to you, to understand where the person is comfortable talking about the topic or not.

The moment you notice he/she does not feel comfortable change the topic without even letting them know.

Step 7: End the Conversation

Everything has been going great and now it’s time to end the conversation and you don’t want to spoil the whole conversation with a bad ending. Here are a few things you can try.

Go with basic say “thank you for your time, it was a great time talking to you, have a good day”.

Another way is to mention a future mention, e.x What you doing this weekend. he may answer I am going on a trip then you may say ” It was great talking to you, have a great time on the trip.

So it shifts the focus from the present to the future and conversation can be ended easily.

Bonus Tips

  • Be authentic, be you. Don’t ever say something that you don’t believe in.
  • Be more presentable and approachable. For that take care of yourself.

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  • Keep in mind, ending of the conversation is as important as conversation starters.

That’s all about How to Talk to Anyone and guys practice these steps on a daily basis. Give yourself time to master these tips.

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Thank You!!