Best Body Hair Removal Options for Man in 2021

If a man asks a question “how to remove men body hair” in the 1960s. Then, he could be called …..mad man.

But, now in 2021, the trend is on the opposite end of the boat.

Now, a man wants to have a clean and smooth look.

So, guys, I have listed down best body hair removal options for the man in 2021.

The first option, we have is a simple one.


When you want to have some hair, trimming is best. Although it can also be used to remove hairs from the skin. But it’s not the best suited for that.

For that, we have many other options, which we will explore in this blog.

But for now, to have proper stubble, use clippers for even length hairs.


  1. You can enjoy the privilege of nice body hair ( specifically chest) and on the same hand look cleaner.
  2. Easy to do.


  1. You need to invest in a good trimmer.
  2. The patches can be left.
  3. If you trim your legs, then hairs bother you while wearing a trouser.


It is the most simple and straight forward thing for men to use daily. But, using a razor to remove body hairs is a bit more complicated than shaving your face.

Although with proper care, it can be used to remove hairs from armpits, chest, legs, even for private areas.


  1. One of the Cheapest option.
  2. One of the fastest option to get a clean look.


  1. It could cut your skin.
  2. Cause redness, dryness on the Skin.
  3. But the problem with it is, hairs grow after 3-4 days, so it has to do repeatedly.

Hair Removal Creams

It is cream that removes the hairs just better than shaving. It works on the principle, where the chemical present in the cream will break the structure of keratin( A protein in the hairs).

So that, hair breaks easily.

After using it, the hair will start to regrow in a week, but you can look clean for 2 weeks easily.

Moreover, while using any hair removal creams make sure you do a patch test.


  1. Easiest to use.
  2. Cheap in price.
  3. New hair’s head is not pointy and hard as in the case of shaving.


  1. It contains chemicals, it can cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.
  2. Its order may not be pleasant.


In waxing, hairs are covered in a sticky wax (generally with some skin of sugar base). And the wax is pulled forcefully to remove hairs from roots.

Waxing is a long last way to remove hairs, typically the hairs start to regrow after 4-5 weeks.

You can do it, at home. But if you doing it for the first time, then expect’s suggests” you should visit a nearby saloon”.

The time of waxing depends upon the area which is about to be waxed.


  1. It lasts for 4-5 weeks.
  2. You get smooth and clean skin.


  1. It is very painful.
  2. It is costlier when done in a saloon.

Laser Hair Removal

Firstly, let’s know, how does it work?

In this, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by a chemical pigment (melanin) in the hair. It damages the hair follicles( but not permanently).

And, it’s not permanent and multiple treatments could require.

It is the most effective and suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair. Because dark skin has a lot of melanin to protect the skin from the sun.

So, Laser treatment could not be most fitted for dark skin.


  1. You remain clean for a long time.


  1. It may be slightly painful.
  2. It’s quite expensive.

Electrolysis For Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a permanent solution to remove body hair. It permanently destroys the growth cells of hair follicles.

What is the hair growth cycle?

The hair growth cycles, meaning some hairs are developing inside skin, some are fully grown, and some are slightly visible.

In electrolysis particular hair is targeted. So you have to do the treatment multiple times.

You need to go to a specialist, for clear guidance. Based on the number of electrolysis treatments required, you to go through a week, months-long process.

But, each treatment lasts for 15-20 minutes.


  1. Permanent hair removal.
  2. No hair will grow in the electrolyzed area.


  1. It is very expensive.
  2. It is a long process.

That’s it, guys, if you have any questions regarding” how to remove men body hair”, you can ask us at our social media handles.

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