A Step-by-Step Guide to Lose Weight Naturally (without any pills)

Hey! guys!, I know you are sick of getting incomplete information about “how to lose weight“, without using any medication, without joining a yoga class, without going to the gym.

Infact, naturally at homeright?

And I also respect the fact that you want to know more, and you don’t want just sallow knowledge, but deep knowledge.

Keeping that in mind!

I will try to cover every aspect of losing weight naturally.

Also, I have given supporting videos for your proper understanding, so you must check it out.

After reading this blog, you will have answer to the following question.

  1. What are the Causes of Weight Gain?
  2. How to Make a Diet Plan for Weight Loss Regime?
  3. What to Eat & Drink During Weight Loss?
  4. How to Exercise for Weight Loss?
  5. And Why People fail?

OKAY, Let’s Jump In!

How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home?

Firstly, we will look at some common weight gain reasons. And these are pretty obvious.

  • Unhealthy eating habits,
  • Sleeping deprivation,
  • Stress and depression,
  • Hormonal imbalance,
  • And lack of physical activities.

Back to solutions, in general, there many ways to reduce weight, but we’ll look at them step by step so that you can implement it.

Step-1 Analyze Your Eating Habits

The very first step is to analyze what you are eating. Make a proper list of food that you eat in the Breakfast, lunch, dinner, along with the timing of intake. This can be done quickly at the weekend.

The timing doesn’t have to be accurate, but it should be considered.

Now you have a list of things you have eaten throughout the week. It’s time to do some hard work and choose foods high in calories.

Here comes the part where most people made mistakes. That is to eliminate or substitute food, and they are eating for years.

By altogether abandoning the food at first, it’s will cause a greater craving for that food.

Instead, what we should do is, for the first few weeks, we should focus on cutting down the proportion of foods. For instance, if you are eating 200 grams of something, reduce it 150 grams.

Now, you know the secret, why most people fail during the weight loss regime, so do share it with those who need to know this. Okay, let’s jump onto the second step.

This is one way of Staying Healthy.

Step-2 Eat Healthy Stuff for Faster Weight loss

It does seem common sense, but not commonly practiced.

You have to choose healthy alternatives for unhealthy foods.

Therefore, you’ve got to make a proper diet plan for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (keeping in mind calorie intake).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a diet plan. I am going to explain it shortly.

What to Eat for Weight Loss?

Generally there are many demension to think of, when it comes to “what to eat for weight loss”.

But I like to keep it simple just for sake of impementation. So I will share the same with you.

So, there are 3 most important micro-nuritents.

#1 Add More Protein to Your diet

A protein-rich diet helps a person feel satiated for a long time which can lead to eating fewer calories overall. This, in turn, helps in quick weight loss.

Things that contain protein.

  • lean meat, poultry, and fish
  • eggs
  • dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • soy products like tofu
  • seeds and nuts like almonds, peanuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds.
  • Beans and legumes (such as lentils and chickpeas).

Moreover, protein helps to boost metabolism.

#2 Do Eat Carbohydrates as well

Guys, there is a huge misconception that carbohydrates (carbs) and fats cause obesity. Which is half right, bad carbs like excessive sugar, refined carbs are the main reason for obesity.

So guys don’t completely abandon carbs from your diet.

Carbohydrates that should be avoided

  • Sugary Drinks– like coca-cola, Pepsi, most of the soft drinks brands are simply a solution of sugar.
  • Candies and chocolates- Almost all the sweets are made up of sugar and when it comes to chocolates, choose only high-quality chocolates.
  • Fried Stuff- like french fries and other deep-fried things are a last red flag when it comes to losing weight and fat.
  • White things- like white bread, white rice, all-purpose flour (maida).

Foods that contains Carbohydrate

  • Beans
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Barley
  • Quinoa
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Whole-grain rye crispbread
  • Whole-grain breakfast cereal
  • Oatmeals

#3 Do not remove fat from the diet, here why?

First of all, losing weight means cutting your calories, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean to reduce fats.

Check out how fat can be beneficial during weight loss.

  1. Fats make you feel full for a more extended period of time. Consequently, you’ll eat less.
  2. It helps to balance your blood sugar level, which can also control your craving for foods.
  3. Fats are essential for the proper functioning of the brain.
  4. Fats brings taste to food. That is also important because after overeating tasteless food, our need to eat tasty food takes over. That, in turn, leads to eating big sugary and salty things.

Surprisingly, fats are so essential that there is a whole special diet that has fat as the primary nutrient — known as the keto diet.

Foods that contain essential fats

  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.
  • Cooking oils (including olive, coconut, grape seed and canola oil)

What to Drink for Weight Loss?

What to drink for weight loss, drinks for weight loss

#1 Drink More Water

Drinking lukewarm water has many benefits during weight loss. It helps to boost metabolism, remove toxic elements from our body.

Moreover, drinking water before eating also leads to reduced calorie intake. Water is the best substituent for sugary beverages. Drinking water right after waking up, yield the best results.

#2 Drink Green Tea

Green Tea has shown a tremendous effect in helping in weight loss. It is loaded with antioxidants, which may help in fat burning and boost metabolism.

When consumed, before exercising can show good result. Drink Green Tea 30-45 min before doing any exercise.

#3 Drink Apple Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, a compound that may stimulate weight loss by decreasing insulin levels. It is also known for suppressing appetite and burning fat faster.

Caution: Since it is acid, so it should not be consumed on a regular basis and in large quantities. And it can also drink along with water.

We like free stuff, right?

But it doesn’t always beneficial for us. The same is true for liquid calories like milkshakesbanana shakes, typically all kinds of shakes and fruit juices because these contain unwanted extra calories.

It gives an extra dose of extra calories to your body without even making you feel having something in the belly, Which IS VERY BAD FOR WEIGHT LOSS.

#4 Juices

Here is an alternative, it’s called vegetable juice, yep you read it right. Generally, vegetable juice is associated with weight gain, but it is very helpful in weight loss too.

It carries a ton of vitamins, fibres needed for your body, and fibres help to make you feel full. Choosing low-calorie vegetable juice becomes essential for weight loss.

Anxiety and depression are some of the most prominent causes of weight gain. So must check out how to deal with Anxiety and Depression Naturally?

Okay, up to here, we have explored what should be eaten, now let’s put some light over how should we eat to maximize the benefits of weight loss program.

Step-3 Figure out, How to Eat for Weight Loss?

Once a great man said, “the secret of success not only lies in what you do but also in, how you do it

Do you wonder who said it, I just made it , hahaha.

But I hope you get the point, “what you is vital” but “how you eat it” is also equally important.

#1 Use Smaller Blue plates

Many studies have shown that eating in smaller plates actually makes you eat less food, resulting in faster weight loss.

Now eating less doesn’t always help in weight loss, you have got to consider what you are eating, right?

Another hack for you, use blue plates for putting the food. It acts as an appetite suppressant, Why?

Because the blue colour doesn’t exist in any significant quantity as a natural food colour. So we have the least craving to eat in blue utensils.

#2 Divide your meals

Many dieticians support this fact, i.e. eating in proportion throughout the day will help you lose weight pretty quickly.

Because it increases the fullness and prevents us from over-eating.

So, eating more than 3 times is recommended.

But the quality of food, i.e. calories also goes hand in hand with the frequency of eating it.

#3 Chew your food

It is scientifically proven that not chewing your food properly is one of the significant reasons for weight gain.

Basically, when you chew food correctly, your brain will have enough time to understand and analyze what you are eating enough food and don’t need more of it.

Furthermore, it also exhausts jaws, forcing them to chew less, in turn, eat less.

So it arises a sense of fullness, and you automatically feel less hungry as well as more energetic. 

Because you have breakdown the food into smaller pieces, giving it the greater surface area to absorb by small intestine, hence higher energy will be generated.

And you’ll have enough energy for step 5, which we will discover soon in this blog.

It’s like, one bullet and two down.

#4 Focus on Food

I can’t emphasize how important this is. If you get it wrongs your weight loss regime will be destroyed. Your efforts until now will be wasted.

And Studies have shown that, it’s the number cause of Obesity in Childhood.

See, in general, what most us do is, we set up the plates, serves the food, switch on the entertainment channel, and start eating, and enjoying too.

These are nothing wrong watching t.v or any entertainment channels. But remember, WHEN you watch does matters a lot.

So, eating while watching something else, while you are distracted. You will lose track of your food intake, and even possible do not aware of your eating bad calories.

Yeah it’ll s**k. So, Avoid Distraction while eating.

Step-4 Make a diet plan specifically for weight loss?

Before planing your diet, we must know how to count total calories. For that, check out the example.

Example: If you have 2 whole boiled eggs and a banana in Breakfast. A whole egg has 75 calories, in a banana 120 calories on an average.

So total calories equal to (75*2+120= 270 calories). Calories proportion of almost every food is present on the internet, or you can check out here.

Healthy calories range for Individuals.

  • 1,600 to 2,400 calories range for adult women per day.
  • 2,000 to 3,000 calories range for adult men per day.

While planning your diet, make sure to have your calorie intake less than recommended for you. Approximately 500-600 calories are less than the normal range.

You know that Proteins, Carbohydrate, and fats are essential, So which one to chose and most importantly, how to chose.

But, first, look at this table given below.

Recommended Ranges
(% of Calories)
Lower Carb & Higher Protein
(% of Calories)
Lower Carb & Fat, Higher Protein
(Percent of Calories)

Source Myfitnesspal. This table represents the proportion of all three( Protein, Carbs, Fats) for normal and weight loss goals.

So, guys plan your diet according to the above table. Keep in mind, For men, the recommended range of calories is 1500-2400 calories, and for women, it’s from 1200-1600 calories per day.

And if you still don’t know how to do it, do seek dietician help. Okay now comes the final step.

Step-5 Exercising for Weight Loss

I remember guys, I said no Gyms. But I didn’t said No Exercises.

Cause, doing exercise is a great way to lose weight naturally. When you exercise, the fat burns in the form of energy required to do the workout.

So as result execess calories are burned.

Let’s divide it into two sections: first is going to be cardio and second is the strength and Weight training.

5 Best Cardio Exercise for Weight loss

Cardio Exercise is one of the best ways to fat burner. The first exercise is

#1 Running (moderate pace)

Running may seem old school, but it is instrumental in weight loss.

According to men’s journal, a 180-lb. A man can burn about 940 calories in an hour while running an 8.5-minute per mile pace on the treadmill for an hour.

#2 Jumping Ropes

Jumping ropes is a beneficial exercise for building great footwork and coordination.

But it also simulates sprinting, helping you to burn as much as 500 calories in just 30 minutes.

At first, it actually a little hard to do jumping for 30 minutes, straight. So what you can do now? Here’s the answer. Do it in intervals, like Jumping for 1 minute and then take rest for 20-30 seconds.

#3 Cycling

Like other exercises, cycling can drastically increase your heart rate, and force your extra fat to burn down.

But here is a catch, cycling on the plain, will not be that effective as compared to cycling on incline plan.

Guys another way to do it is to use a stationary bike with a harder setting.

#4 Burpees

Guys, burpees are best in the market for weight loss. It comes with all-round benefit, like while doing burpees your whole body experiences the work.

So this made it a great weight loss exercise. But it doesn’t end there, and burpees also help to build muscle.

Burpees are comparably the most laborious exercise to follow along. So, in the beginning, it’s a little tough to do, but guys as you keep doing it, you’ll build enough strength to do it with ease.

#5 Sprinting

Sprinting can burn a ton of calories in a short interval.

For this, you simply need to run at your max speed for like 20-30 seconds. Time intervals may vary according to your speed and stamina.

Guys let me know in the comment section which one, you will be doing at home to lose weight naturally.

What can you do?

After sprinting take the rest of 2-3 minutes and then make another Sprint.

Follow this technique and try to push your limits. For example, if you made 5 Sprints yesterday, try to make 6 Sprints today

Guys, these were the exercise that can be quickly done at home without using much equipment. 

Exercise That Involves Equipments

Now let look at some exercises that require little equipment and can help to lose weight naturally in a shorter period.

#1 Rowing

Rowing has a ton of health benefits, and it keeps the heart and lungs healthy, enhances metabolism, and many more. Furthermore, it is a major player in weight loss. Let’s discuss why?

Rowing helps to burn more calories than most of the exercises. It does so, by its long-range of motion, so the muscles need to stretch to the max limit and contract to a minimum.

Therefore this puts enormous anaerobic stress on muscles causing them to burn more fat.

#2 High-Intensity Interval Workout

It is an exercise regimen where intensive anaerobic exercises are alternately done with less intense recovery periods.

Let’s look at the exercise fall in this category.

  • High Knee
  • Super Squat Jump
  • Burpee
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Russian Twists
  • Pushup

many more.

Check out the video to understand how to the exercises.

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Let me tell you this, it not mandatory. Many people enjoy doing strenght training so I included it.

And if, just did above exercise it’s more than enough.

The very first question is, How strength training can help?

For fat loss, the primary objective is losing fat, or we can say burn calories, right?

Apart from building strength and muscle mass, strength training can also be instrumental in burning calories, when does with proper nutrition.

So guys, what happens after a strength training session, our muscle cell breaks, right? And in the resting phase, it recovered and became stronger.

So in the rest period, the cell requires a constant supply of energy, so our body uses fats. Therefore it burns calories throughout the whole day. Making your overall calorie burn comparatively higher than cardio. Now at this point, the diet became most crucial.

So I recommend you, consult a dietician about your diet when reducing your weight with a strength training program. Because guys, if you did diet part wrong, then results could be the opposite.

A suggestion, go for high protein, moderate carbohydrates, and fats. You can also plan your diet according to the information mentioned above.

Now the second question, what exercises should be done for fat loss by using strength training regimes?

Strength Exercises for Fat Loss

  • Bench press
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • LatpullDown
  • Overhead press
  • Power snatch
  • Power clean

Strength training with cardio and proper diet is a perfect blend for fat loss.

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Why People Fails during Weight lose?

Please read it carefully, it very important.

So far, we have discussed different aspects related to natural weight loss at home.

From, what to eat, how to eat, what exercises to do, all can be summerize into the physical side of weight loss.

But there is one more important thing to consider, that has to do with your mindset.

Let me tell you a small story.

Back in my school days, I wanted to learn to play football. I went to practice every single day, but after 3 weeks, I was sitting at home watching T.V, after that, I went for practice couple of time, but finally QUIT.

At that time I didn’t realize that, why that happened, But now I know. The reason was, I look at my friend playing football and he plays beautifully. So I decided to do it.

But, I never Had a Strong Desire For That, in short, I was not cleared about why I was doing that. So I Quit.

That is the reason why most people fail, they don’t have a clear mindset. They don’t emphasize enough on why they want to lose weight.

That’s why after a week or two they quit.

You may think, it’s common sense, like, “I want to lose weight to be more healthy” or “to look good” etc.

All these are very good reasons.

The point I am trying to make it that, they don’t emphasize on it enough.

So, “You have to Remind Yourself Every Single Day Why You want to lose“. Ask Yourself, what I am doing right now, going to help me with weight loss.

Guys that the most important Paragraph in the entire blog.

My suggestion is that, Make a Diary, Write down “Why” >>You want to lose weight. And along with that, write down your today experience in that diary.

–>Or Something That Reminds you Why<–

And Read Out Loud You Why before going to bed and after waking up. You will feel like a massive force is driving you.

Complementary Tips

1-Get Enough Sleep

Studies have shown that the chance of people getting obese is 55% for sleep-deprived people. Its primary cause is, it disrupts healthy appetite hormones, hence can cause bad appetite regulation.

So it could act a catalyst for natural weight loss.

2- Don’t Skip Breakfast

By skipping Breakfast you would not get any benefits for weight loss, it will make even worse. It will urge you to eat more food in one meal. So your overall calorie intake will increase. So don’t skip Breakfast.

That all how to lose weight naturally, guys these all tips can be apply at home except strength training.

I hope you found this article helpful, share it with your friends and if you still feel any sort of doubt you can ask it in the comment section.

Thank You!!