How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Depression Naturally 2-Steps

Anxiety and depression can spoil lives, make relationships bitter, and can prevent you from exploring your true potential.

So question is, How to get rid of anxiety and depression naturally? without medication, is meditation the only way? Not really!

If you are already taking any medicine for anxiety or depression, then you would notice that after taking these medicines for quite a long, those medicines would be less effective.

Then you will have to increase the dose of it. Because your body became used to it and it’ll feel that it’s a part of a routine, it will become a necessity if not taken properly.

I am not saying that medicines are useless, but over-dependency on medicines is bad.

So Let’s take a deeper dive into how to get rid of Anxiety and Depression.

How To Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression Naturally(2-Steps)

First of all, let’s shortly understand what is the cause of anxiety and depression. There are only two major things due to which a person can become anxious and depress.

  • Psychological Cause
  • Physical Cause

Psychological cause:

It all happens on a psychological level, i.e in mind.

Things that affect us emotionally like a breakup, losing a championship that you always dreamt/ Something Important.

And many such things can cause anxiety and depression.

Physical Cause:

It happens on the physical level like if you are ill, you don’t feel well and don’t want to do anything, this causes depression even anxiety. Because it prevents us from following our routine.

Chemically, anxiety and depression are a state, when the human body lacks the concentration of hormones responsible for happiness. like Dopamine, Serotonin, oxytocin, and many more.

Now we know what causes anxiety and depression. Let’s find out what are the 2 steps. Basically, the steps are derived from the causes.

So the first step is

1. Take Care of Your Body

As we have discussed, our body can also trigger anxiety and depression. Because of our lame habits or any illness, right?

Now let’s discuss what are the physical ways that can help you to get rid the anxiety and depression naturally.

1.1 Exercise

Exercising daily has countless benefits for the human body if done in the correct way. For stress and anxiety, it is very good to shift your focus.

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On a biological scale, it promotes the production of hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins in the body. These hormones are also known as happiness hormones.

There have been many studies depicting that running alone is a great way to reduce anxiety levels.

Sometimes lack of sleep can also be the cause of depression, this cause can be eased without any medicines only with exercising.

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1.2 Yoga and Deep Breathing

Yoga is one such revolutionary thing, that has been impacting millions of people world wild. A lot of studies back yoga for its effect on life, to relax our mind, to increase concentration, and so on.

Yoga, when done properly, increases the blood circulation to the brain, hence providing more oxygen to the brain.

Check out, what yoga to do and how to do it in this video.

1.3 Laughing

Many researchers have found that Laughing can potentially reduce anxiety and depression subsequently.

But it is really hard to laugh when you are already dealing with anxiety.

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Nevertheless, it can be very practical to laugh in 2019, there are a lot of videos that can help you laugh.

I would suggest you laugh or make a smiling face even if you are not happy from inside.

As a result, it will reduce tension over time. Because our mind and body are connected, so whenever a change happens in one area it affects another area.

Without getting into much detail, when you pretend to be happy.

It sends a signal to your brain that your body is reflecting happiness, so there must be something happy movement going on.

And let me release hormones causing even more happiness.

Just try this technique, and it has some strong foundation that is backed by science.

1.4 Good diet

In Ayurveda, there is saying, that everything starts from the gut. If your gut is healthy, then you will definitely be healthy too. In contrast, if your gut is having trouble performing his function then you probably gonna be in trouble in one way or another.

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A good diet is extremely important for a healthy life. That being said, let’s look at the components of the diet that should be considered.

Unfortunately, there is no specific diet. Although a balanced diet is sufficient, still there are some foods that can be helpful.


These are made up of amino acids. There are 23 amino acids in which 9 essential, means these amino acids cannot be made in the body. So foods are the only source of these amino acids.

One of the essential amino acids called tyrosine plays a vital role in dopamine production.


  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Soy
  • Legumes
  • Dairy products like milk.
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Pineapple.

These foods can naturally boost the Domaine and Serotonin if taken within a balanced diet.

Green Tea

It contains an amino acid Theanine. Green tea can naturally boost the production of Domaine and Serotonin.

Moreover, green tea is a great substitute for soft and alcoholic drinks.

Check out Healthline to select the right green tea for you.

1.5 Listen to Music

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The researchers have found that listening to music can actually reduce pain and anxiety. Music helps your mind to get distracted from things that cause anxiety.

So, guys, there were some tips for reducing anxiety and depression through physical mean.

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Now let’s understand how Psychological causes can be tackled.

2. Manage Your Mind

It is the easiest step and the hardest step. Now what I mean by that, let’s understand that.

But first I want you to answer a question i.e How much time does a person take to change his mind?

You may say it depends upon the person, which is right. That is why I said it is the easiest and the hardest step in the first place.

The mind can be changed with a snap of a finger or maybe take a day or week or month or even a year, right.

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So to get rid of anxiety and depression, we must understand how to control our minds. And let me tell you something, It may sound intermediating at first, that is fine, but believe me, guys you won’t regret it.

When you will learn how to control your mind for good sake then anxiety and depression will be history for you.

Okay without making this article more philosophical, let’s know what are different tips for that.

First, read this phrase out loud in mind, that is, You the Driver of your Mind, your doctors can’t change it, your family can’t change it, But You Can. You can take it wherever you want.

So here something you can do to achieve mind control.

2.1 Law of Substitution

Don’t worry we are not going to learn math. Let me ask one more question.

Can you be sad and happy at the same period? or, can be optimistic and hopeless at the same time.

You would be thinking, is this man out of his mind, but believe me, I am not. The answer is not, right.

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So this is the law, it states that we can hold only one kind of thought in our in mind, at a time. Either it gonna be positive or negative.

What can you do to use this technique?

Simply, make your mind clear, that from now onwards, you are only going to see positive stuff even if it is negative, I know it’s hard but it the important.

Let’s make it clear with an example.

Say you are going to work and you have a presentation that day. Somehow a person stole your bag, which contained that presentation, And you weren’t able to catch him. Now there will a blast of negative emotion in your mind. And it will make you angry and sad.

But what if, you would have thought that, at least my wallet is not stolen and from now onwards I will take great care. Would it have made angry? No.

There are a lot of people, who would be thinking we should do that or this, and that’s fine. It was just an example to make my point clear, don’t take it negatively, otherwise, you will break the law.

And I can promise that if you follow this law daily, anxiety and depression will no longer able to touch you.

Also, start consuming information that contains such stuff. You can learn through videos, Audios and from reading.

If you ask me what to read then I would suggest you to read Change Your Thinking Cange Your Life-By Brain Tracy.

By using the law of substitution you will not only get rid of anxiety but it will also provide a strong foundation for success because it brings positivity. So it is a win-win situation.

Use these to get rid of anxiety and depression naturally without medicines.

Hope you guys found this article helpful if you do please comment on how affected you and don’t forget to share.

Thank You!!