How to Build Self-Confidence in 3-Steps

Hello guys, you must be excited about building your self-confidence, right? Okay. So here you gonna find 3 steps to build self-confidence easily.

You must be thinking only 3 steps, actually guys there are at least thousands of tips through which, you can build self-confidence.

But how many of them we actually try?

So that being said, here are 3 steps that you can start practicing from now onwards.

And guys please practice these tips, if really want to be confident personality.

I really want you guys to succeed

How to Build Self-Confidence in 3-Steps

First, of all let me share an interesting fact with you. In a day, a person usually gets 52,000 thoughts, in which 99% of the thoughts are about himself or somehow related to them.

And most of us think that, If I do something then, what will they think of me.

Guys 99% is not a small percentage, they don’t have time to think about you unless they are close enough.

So guys start taking action now, do what you want to do. And remember one thing

Building self-confidence is not a activity it is a process.

It will take time and a lot of hard work. It leads us to our 1st step.

#1 Understanding Who You are and what I want in life-i.e Clarity.

It may sound absurd, but this is one of the most important and the easiest way to build self-confidence. Clarity leads to Confidence. Let me break it down for you.

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First thing, ask yourself how you define success for yourself?

Then ask what skill do you require to achieve success, it can be people skill or public speaking, it can be anything.

Now, you know what you need to do, you started doing it, days are passing and you are working relentlessly.

Now you start becoming an expert in that field, people start complimenting you, asking for your help in that particular field.

What do you think it will cause even if people don’t appreciate your efforts, you are constantly growing.

That is it, my friends, gradually you will gain a lot of confidence not to mention achieve whatever you want in your life. So now it has become no loss battle.

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#2 Positive Affirmations

There is law known as the law of substitution, don’t worry guys I am not teaching maths here.

The law state that at a time our powerful mind can hold and consider only one thought, it can be positive or negative. It is great, isn’t it?

For instance, we cannot be happy and sad at the same time, but we can be either be happy or sad. Same is true for every aspect of life.

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So guys, let’s take advantage of this law and start programming our mind with confidence-building affirmation.

Affirmation like.

  • I have the power and strength to become successful in life

This is a broad affirmation, it means it covers a lot of possibilities because success can be achieved through any mean. So it doesn’t provide us a particular direction instead it gives us an insight about the goal.

The thing to consider, when using an affirmation, that it should be highly specific like

  • I am a very positive person
  • I always work at my full potential while studying business.

Specific affirmation helps your mind to follow a particular direction and yield positive results fast. And don’t have to find it online, make your own and repeat them daily.

For that, you can write them down on paper and place them in a place where you gaze frequently.

Let me tell you my way to do it. I usually have to travel every day, in the meantime, I repeat one or two affirmation in mind serval time.

It hardly takes 5 minutes and then later in the day whenever I get free time I repeat though affirmation again.

Find ways to repeat the affirmation to make them settle down more strongly.

#3 Self-Acceptance

The self-acceptance is a little bit different from self-esteem, so don’t mix up both the terms. In brief, Self-esteem is basically, what you think of ourselves on the basis of our results and how you behave in a particular situation.

For instance, if you playing a football match, following all the rules and you win that match, it will boost your self-esteem.

On the other hand, you have won the match but through any form of cheating, it will decline your self-esteem no matter how well you played.

Whereas, self-acceptance is simply an acceptance of yourself no matter what you do, no matter what is your results.

Actually, self-acceptance is a form of unconditional self-esteem. Okay, we will learn the difference between them later, for now, let focus on self-acceptance.

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Once you start accepting yourself unconditionally, you will gradually

  • Start caring less about other people opinion.
  • You will become more authentic.
  • And you will build confidence without a doubt.

These were 3 tips that will be very useful while building self-confidence. Certainly, there are a lot of such tips or we can say step, which we will learn in further posts.

Bonus tip

For that, you can follow Habits that every man should know in 2019.

These are the external factors that can also help to build self-confidence.

Guys if you found this article helpful, please share with your dear ones. Comment if you have any query or this information is helping you.

Thank You!!