These 3 Steps Will Make You An Attractive Man(101%)

Hello Gentlemen, today we going to explore 3 practical Steps to be an Attractive Man.

Most people pull back because they think that attractiveness depends upon genes. To some extent, it’s right, but not entirely.

But being more attractive is not that difficult as you might think. The thing that matters most is how you carry yourself, with what you have got.

So in this blog, we are going to learn how to carry yourself and be more attractive with what you have got. So stay tuned, And I am going to give you a bonus strategy.

How to Be Attractive Man in Just 3 Steps

Let’s get to the most basic and the most crucial and essential thing, And I know you guys must read this before multiple times.

The reason I still sharing this is, it alone had given me fantastic results, when I started practicing it daily.

The very first way is Practising Good personal Hygiene.

Step-1 Practice Personal Hygiene

Whenever you meet someone for the first time or second time.

Subconsciously, we all for sure checkout one thing before anything else, that is personal hygiene.

Whether the nails are short, teeth are clean, etc.

So to take your hygiene game to the next level is the best thing that can help you to look and feel attractive.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene to Look Attractive Man,

The first thing that you should follow in your hygiene routine is you should take a bath at least twice a day in summers and once a day in winter.

The other thing you have got to do is, cut your nails, clean your teeth make sure your mouth smells fresh when you speak, it should not stink.

Now comes the part that we all are eagerly waiting for and its grooming part.

Step-2 Groom Yourself

In this section, I am going to put some light on the tips that will help you to look attractive with a little bit of scientific explanation to it.

So that you must know how it’s going to help you.

1. Grow a beard

Let’s get to the fact straight away.

A survey was conducted by a University of Queensland where 8,500 women had been asked about relationships and other related questions.

And a significant finding was, most women, find men with stubble, and middle to long beard more attractive as compared to clean shave.

So, grow a stubble or a beard.

2. A Nice Haircut- According to face type

A Nice Haircut- According to face type to look attractive

So the question arises, why we should have a haircut according to your face type?

Straight answer, guys it’s just a game of symmetry.

So there are a lot of studies has been conducted upon face type, which showed that we humans like the substances that have more symmetry.

That is the reason why we like symmetrical faces, and that’s why we want to have a haircut according to our face type.

3. Style Your Hairs

Style Your Hairs to look attractive, how to look a attractive man

Once you have a hairstyle according to your face type, the styling part becomes easy.

But this easy process needs to be done correctly.

For that, you can use a checklist of the steps to have a proper hairstyle.

  • Wash your hair.
  • First, dry the with a towel, when on 20-30 moisture left use hairdryer to set your hairs.

**Pro Tip:–Always use the cold blow of air at last of hair drying.** It will prevent hairs from damage.

  • Use the required amount of Clay or sea salt hair spray to fix your hairs.

** Don’t use too much product in your hairs it can lead to hair-related problem**

Styling your is an excellent way to be, an attractive man instantly. But along with that, we should also follow a haircare routine.

4. Take Care of the Skin

Take care of your face skin, how to be attractive man, how to be more attractive as a man

Take care of your skin, especially facial skin. A strick precaution” It has nothing to do with the color of your skin“.

The thing that matters is only, healthy-glowing Skin, nothing else.

For that follow a simple skincare routine, which involves the following actions.

Step-1:- Wash your Face Twice a Day. **Mandatory to wash at night” else is optional. (with Facewash only).

Step-2:- Apply Moisturizer after every face wash.

Step-3:- Scrub your face twice a week to cleanse pores.

Step-4:-Protect your Skin from direct sunlight. For that, you must wear sunscreen. 

Skin Problems that a Modern Man Face Everyday.

  1. Dark Circles
  2. Dark Spots
  3. Acne
  4. Dull Skin.

5. Always use Deodorants or cologne

Let me tell you about a study that was published in the international journal of cosmetic science in 2009.

So, we have a better understanding of deodorant and cologne.

One group of males had given a spray that contains antimicrobial and some fragrance ingredients. Another group had the same shower, which lacks these ingredients.

The strange findings were that when a panel of women was shown there video clips, they found the first group more attractive than the second group.

These were all external traits. Now, here are the things that every attractive man possesses internally.

Step-3 Be Confident And Open To Be More Attractive

Look Confident to be more attractive

The very first thing you notice about a person is, how he/she is sitting, standing, right. In short, how’s he/she caries themselves.

A quick fact for you, 93% of communication is non-verbal. Yes, guys, that’s right, 93%.

In which, roughly 60% is the body language, and 30% is Tonality. It means your body converses 60% of the thing to another person without being said.

So guys, to look confident you got to have a confident body language.

1. Good Posture (Mandatory to Look Confident)

Good Posture checklist.

  1. Back Straight Always. (Whether you sit or stand)
  2. Shoulder Backed.
  3. Neck and back straight.
  4. Open Arms.

Also check out, Body Language of an Attractive Man.

2. Build muscles to look Handsome( Really?)

Let’s make it clear, and you don’t need muscles to view confident at all, it’s just a perception that makes you feel confident. Not the muscle.

But it doesn’t mean having muscles doesn’t impact your confidence level. For some people, it could be a very crucial factor; for others, it might not be that crucial.

Because clothes will look good on you, and you’ll feel more confident. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t worry, you can also workout at home.

To spend less time and yield most results, checkout 5 Exercise, that I have listed for you, they need no equipment at all.

But muscle will be more appealing when you have less fat.

I have put together all the required information “To Build Confidence“. So must check out.

A Secret Strategy that Only You know!!

One of the most important factors to be an attractive man is.

And Let me tell you this, it doesn’t require any good looks. But if you have good looks and this thing you are going to kill women.

So, the thing is SENSE OF HUMOR, it’something that everybody doesn’t possess but who possesses has the most relaxed life.

Sense of humor and attractiveness, how to look handsome.

What is the Sense of Humor?

It’s just a Sense to see Humor, i.e. to able to see and observe funny things.

Moreover, it is a skill, and it can learn. So here is my Checklist that I follow to discover this incredible skill.

  • First, watch comedy movies or shows.
  • Observe how the character delivers their dialogue.
  • And practice their style of delivering not their dialogue; otherwise, you’ll look a copy.

That was one way, and there are millions of other ways as well. Maybe you have your far better style.

But, if you don’t have your style then practice this checklist or create your own, And Overtime, you’ll develop your sense of Humor.

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