Top 10 Hair Color for Indian Men To Try 2021

What is the best hair color for Indian Men in 2021? Is the question to be answered today.

Before that, let me tell to you, Hair color/dying is probably one of the best ways through, which you can drastically change the way you look. So, It has to be done in proper fashion right?

But when it comes to choosing a perfect match according to your skin tone, things really get difficult and your hair color could be a matter of laughing subject, if not done correctly.

Keeping that in mind, that’s why I have compiled this blog for you. In this blog, I am going to share Top 10 hair color for Indian men along with the science behind it.

It doesn’t end there, I am also going to tell you how to try new colors according to your skin type.

If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a Science, then you can directly jump to the section for best hair color for Indian men, in this blog.

The first thing to consider before selecting your hair color. Is your undertone. It important because choosing a hair color that doesn’t compliment your undertone, can make your face look dull.

So it becomes important to check and know your undertone and What color should you choose?

What is your undertone?

The first thing, your skin tone is different from undertone.

The undertone is the colors underneath our skin. It’s different from our skin color. Because our skin directly deals with the environmental effect on the quality of the skin.

The colors that we observe under the skin is your undertone.

And, It plays an important role in determining the complimenting colors for your overall outfit as well as for your hairs.

So it is very important. Usually, we Indians have warm skin colors and warm skin undertones as well, but it doesn’t apply to everyone.

How to Check Your Undertone?

The first way, Look at your inner part of the wrist, will see veins. When you’ll observe closely, you will be able to name the color of your veins.

When you observe, more bluish/ purplish color underneath your skin, it will indicate you have a cool undertone.

And Greenish/ Olive color will indicate you have a warm undertone.

If you still don’t get to know what’s your undertone then use this method.

Second Method to Check Undertone.

If you get a sunburn more often and easily then you probably a have cooler undertone.

If you get tan easily but don’t experience or never get burnt then you probably have warm undertones. (that is why we usually don’t get sunburn)

It’s possible, some of you still might not know your undertone. Then you may have a neutral undertone. You have a great advantage, cause you can rock both cooler and warm undertone hair colors.

Most of the Indian have warm undertones like I am talking about 99% of Indians.

Top 10 Hair Color for Indian Men in 2021

These colors are best for guys with warm skin undertones, which is 98% of Indian.

Hair Colors for Warm Undertone

1. Natural Browns

Natural browns could be the ideal choice for Indian men for a number of reasons. Firstly, it looks classy and elegant, and I am not saying other colors are not elegant but it has something special. ( or can also say I am a bit bias when it comes to Browns).

Natural Browns can never be out of trend.

Secondly, it hard to tell whether you have colored your hair or not, cause it looks natural. So if you want to try a new color for the first time and feeling a little nervous, it could the one.

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2. Brown Blonde Hair Color

You can be spotted from a mile with color, this color is a real attention grabber. Medium to short hair length is it’s fit, cause it’s kind of glossy, and long hair may overwhelm other people.

It can be worn by neutral to dark skin guys. This new trend in India, people are accepting this hair color greatly.

3. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown is the best choice for those people with thin hair. Because, dark colors absorb light very well, hence giving the appearance of thicker hair strands.

It also makes a very good contrast to your face. Guys with all kind of skin can rock this color easily.

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4. Copper Hair Color

If you have tried darker shades of brown and want to try a new but brighter then copper is for you.

The guys with light to medium skin can easily rock this hair color. Copper has a ‘cool boy’ vibe, so if it might not be appropriate for formal/ professional occasions.

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5. Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark Brown color on hair gives you the classic look. Best for guys with light to medium skin tone.

One of the best options for Formal/ professional occasions.

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6. Soft Cinnamon Brown

This is my favorite hair color on this list. It gives a bad boy look but at the same time also looks elegant.

Ideal for guys with light to medium skin tone.

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7. Ashy Grey Blonde

Ashy grey is getting a lot of heat from all around the world. There is definitely something about this color that attracts people so much to this color.

But it’s not ideal for everybody, so I would suggest starting with the highlights and as you observe how it looks on you, only then do color your hair.

One more, never ever color your hair completely with ashy grey. Otherwise, it will takeaways the benefit of contrast (due to black hair).

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8. Red Hair Color

The red color is a very versatile color. You can try out different variations of it. And it Suits both cool undertone and warm undertone.

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9. Dark Red Hair Color

This color is also known as burgundy. Burgundy gives you a cool dude vibe. Best for boys because burgundy is a very strong color and fashion-appealing color.

Works with every skin tone with a matching hairstyle to support the color.

10. Black Hair Color

Last but not least. Black is all-time, universal hair colors for every Indian man.

And it suits every Indian, pretty well. So rock your hair color game with the black and right hairstyle.

Black hair color for men

These are the best hair color choices for Indian men to try in 2021.

I hope you like the blog. If you have any queries ask at our social media handle, we would love to help you out.


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Amandeep Singh.